Nadia’s need for support

This is Nadia. She has problem with her balance, high blood pressure and suffers from osteoporosis. She gets support from her caregivers who visits her on a regular basis and follows up on her medication. She has remote visits through a camera, a fall sensor and various smart sensors in her home.

Nadia is is creative, smart, and witty. In her younger days, she worked in a flower shop, and she still has a great passion for flowers and horticulture. Nadia loves spending time at her allotment! Last year, Nadia fell and broke her ankle. She never fully recovered and still has problems with her balance. While treating her ankle, her doctor also discovered that she suffers from osteoporosis and high blood pressure. For that reason, she benefits from daily help with her medication, as well as monitoring by fall detectors, personal assistance from a caregiver and other services.

Nadia lives alone in an apartment, supported by sensors, medicine reminders and other smart technical solutions that make her everyday life easier.


Hello! I’m Nadia.

I’m 82 and I’ve lived in this apartment for a few years now. It love it!

I fell and broke my ankle some time ago and have not fully recovered since. I am beginning to feel unsteady, and I’m having trouble with my balance. After the accident, my daughter was concerned about me being alone in my house. She lives a few hours away, so she can’t help me that much. But I was determined to keep my independence and stay in the city.

This apartment was a great solution!

Living independently is very important to me.  My apartment has many technical solutions that support my safety and independence. One of my favourite aspects of living here is this Lifeline digital that connects me to the monitoring centre. It’s the heart of my home! Not only do I get a call in the afternoon for a friendly little chat, but it’s also connected to various sensors in my home and it’s an alarm as well. Very clever!

I wear a fall sensor around my wrist. It looks like space-age jewellery, but it’s also an alarm connected to the monitoring centre. If something happened, they would know right away and send my care provider to help. I wouldn’t be stuck in a position where I was injured or couldn’t get up.

In my kitchen I have a medicine cabinet. It’s locked. Only my care provider can open it, with an app in her smart phone. It contains some of my medications, and other things that they use to care for me.

One of the things that makes me feel the most secure is the camera in my bedroom. I simply sleep better knowing that someone is watching over me, ready to help at any time of the day or night. The camera turns on a few times every night for about 20 seconds. Now I don’t get disturbed by care givers checking up on me anymore.

In the hallway, I have motion sensors that switch on the lights for me at night. If I wake up in the night, it’s much safer when they come on automatically. And on the subject safety, I have a special lock on my door. It enables my care provider to unlock the door without using keys, and it registers who enters and at what time.

No matter where I am—in the apartment, or out—I feel secure. These solutions allow me to live an independent life on my terms!


Fall Detector

The Fall Detector is worn on the wrist or in a secure necklace and detects if the person wearing it has fallen. It also has a built-in alarm button and can be connected to the Response Centre.


Monitoring Centre

Tunstall Monitoring Centre offers social calls and assistance around the clock. There are about 150 people who respond to alarms from people who sound the alarm.


Medicine Cabinet

Tunstall's medicine cabinet solution enables safe medicine handling at home. It is based on the same system as the home service lock Carelock ACE and is opened via the TES app in the mobile or via a smart button.

Digital Tillsyn

Tillsyn genom kamera samt monitorering 24h om dygnet via vår trygghetcentral

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